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I am passionate about what I do, and love teaching others how to use their bodies to their fullest potential. I believe in providing people the tools necessary to become their own movement creators, and setting them straight on their path to achieve their greater goals. When you achieve your goals, I achieve mine. As a coach and as a mentor I want to see my students be the best they can while finding their love of movement as I have. 

Coach Kristoffer Leading The SPF Challenge at SPF Parkour Academy
Coach Kristoffer Leading The SPF Challenge at SPF Parkour Academy

Every person is different, and some people may need additional help in one subject more than in another. With my direct, individualized, private instruction, I determine the best course of action to achieve a particular goal. Within a private lesson, you will learn heightened knowledge and skills of what you need to do to achieve your goals, along with video documentation in order to review your progress over time.

I offer personalized movement instruction to get you up and moving faster, and more efficient than you ever thought would be possible. I train anyone from, the beginner gymnast looking to gain power, and confidence on cartwheels, to the pro level parkour athlete ripping through speed courses. Breaking down complex skills is my specialty, and once you understand each part, we will work towards mastering each component of a skill.

1:1 rate is $50 for a single hour session or $250 for six, hour long sessions. 
• 1:2 rate is an extra $30 for a session or $400 for the six, hour long sessions.
• Virtual trainer services available for $15/30 minutes or $60/180 minutes

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