Prime installation

Note: Fork seals must be in proper working condition, and the proper fork oil level is required for Prime Series Emulators to function. Do not use the product in a bike with blown/bad fork seals. improper fluid levels will result in reduced performance

  • Clean the area to avoid getting dirt inside the fork
  • Remove any parts that may get in the way when pulling out the spring
  • Open only one fork cap if installing with the fork still on the bike
  • Pull out the spacer and/or washer along with the spring
  • Screw the Prime Emulator into the bottom of the spring
  • Slide the spring with the installed emulator back into the fork until you feel it hit the oil
  • Note how far down the oil level is from the top of the fork (this will need to be equal in both forks)
  • Add fork oil if oil level is lower than the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Place the washer and/or spacer back on top of the spring
  • Reinstall the fork cap based on the manufacturer’s recommendation
  • Repeat steps 3-8 for the other fork taking care to have the same level of oil in both forks
  • Reinstall any remaining parts that came off to get the springs out
  • Clean and inspect the motorcycle before riding