Coach Consulting

I want to see more people realize their athletic potential, and joy in progressing with movement. To this day, I have been able to work with thousands of students. Coaching allows me to guide my students to gain the confidence needed to push themselves to the next level. I want to see the same level of progress with an even broader range of people. As a singular person, I want to help more students accomplish their goals, and further the art of movement. I wish to pass on my aggregation of knowledge to the next generation of instructors, so that we may all collectively strive to be greater.

Learning is a process, and while everyone learns differently, there are guidelines that make retaining the information much quicker and more effective. For many new coaches, teaching is just visually showing a student a concept, in hopes they can recreate the movement. The concept is, “monkey see, monkey do.” While this can be one good way to introduce a new skill, it leaves an open interpretation of the skill. A good coach knows how to explain the premise of a skill, demonstrate some level of the movement, guide the student with effective drills or progressions, and enable them to learn the skill incrementally while providing constructive feedback.

I offer specialized consultion for coaches who want to see more results with their students. Having the right tools can mean the difference between being mediocre, and being great. With my professional level coach consulting, I bring forth over 15 years of disciplined movement training, along with over a decade of coaching, and teaching experience. With these consultations, you will get one-on-one training on how to teach a specific skill, and detailed instruction on how to convey your lessons with greater impact, and more concise concepts. Along with becoming a more effective instructor, you will how to deal with the different student learning styles and personalities that you may encounter as a coach.